1. Lemon Wedges in Restaurants:
70% Restaurant lemons tested for 25 different organisms.
Don’t place the wedge in your drink.
2. Restaurant Menus: Bacteria can survive up to 48 hours.
Menus are wiped maybe once daily and usually with a dirty
3. Swimming Pools: CDC found that 70% of public pools, and 40% of private pools in clubs had evidence of bacteria found in
fecal matter.
4. Doors and Door Knobs in bathrooms:
CDC found that 31% of men and 65% of women wash their
hands after using the toilet.
5. Water Fountains: Have more germs than toilet seats.
Have your child carry their own water bottles.
6. Shopping Carts: They can contain microorganisms from
raw meat dirty diapers and runny noses.
7. Elevator Buttons: They are more contaminated than toilet
surfaces. Use your elbow or the tip of a pen or pencil to
8. TV Remote Control in Hotels and Motels:
They are never cleaned. Wipe or spray with a sanitizing
mist before using. Other dirty places in the room are lamp
switches, unwrapped drinking glasses, hair dryers,
bedspreads, coffee makers and bathroom faucets.
recommend using a product called Better Air Sanitizing
Mist on yourself (Clothes) and all these objects.
9. Sandboxes Up to 36 times more bacteria than restaurant
10. ATM: Buttons to Get Cash are filthy.
11. Gym: For Bacteria, Use Sanitizing Mist, bring your own towels
and mats and wear flip flops in the locker room.
12. GAS Pumps: More than 71% of the gas pumps were found
to be contaminated with bacteria.
Spray the handle with a sanitizing mist
13. Cell Phones and Office Desk Phones:
They are never cleaned, Up to 30% of viruses can be
transferred from a fingertip to a glass surface such as a
cell phone.
I will be telling you about a Sanitizing Mist that you can
buy soon. Stay tuned.

by Dr. Earl Mindell