1.Yaz Birth Control Blood clots, stroke, and heart attack, especially if you smoke.
2. Xanax Alprazolam Anxiety Addictive, dependency, forgetful
3. Accutane Acne Dry skin, nosebleed Causes birth defects of the newborn. Do not use if you are pregnant.
4. Klonopin Clonazepam For seizures or panic attacks Can be abused, can cause depression symptoms to worsen, suicidal thoughts, chest pain, facial swelling and breathing troubles.
5.Mirapex Primipexole For Parkinson’s disease and restless leg syndrome Can cause hallucinations, sudden sleepliness
6. Propecia Finasteride Losing hair, prostate shrinker, Can
cause sexual dysfunction.
7. Vasotec Enalapril Maleate High blood pressure Liver dysfunction, kidney problems and jaundice.
8. Actos Pioglitazone and Avandia Rosigliazone Diabetes
Heart failure, bladder cancer
9. Viekira Pak He[atitis C Liver injury
10. Risperdal Antipsychotic Sexual dysfunction , low blood pressure.
11. Lamictal Lamotrigine Epilepsy Bipolar disorder and clinical depression. Can cause serious rashes that can be life threatening.
12. Levaquin or Cipro Ciprofloxacin Antibiotic Can greatly affect tendons, muscles, joints, nerves, and central nervous system.
13. Brilinta Ticagrelor Heart disease Can cause severe bleeding
14. Methadone Treating Opiate addiction Can cause life-threatening breathing issues.
15. Ambien Zolpidem Sleeping Pill Memory loss, sleep driving, walking and even eating. . Impairs thinking reactions.
If you are taking any of these drugs, be careful. Report all your side effects to your pharmacist or physician.
For alternatives see my Book “Prescription Alternatives 4th Edition.

by Dr. Earl Mindell