According to the American Cancer Society. 160,00 American men are expected in 2017 to be diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. It is the most preventable cancer, because it is slow growing.
Here are some natural supplements that you should know:
1. LYCOPENE Found in tomatoes, and other red meats and vegetables in high consumption were associated with a 59% lower risk of dying from aggressive prostate cancer.
2. PYGEUM When the bark extract was administered to mice, specifically bred to develop prostate cancers they had significantly lower risk of developing prostate cancer.
3. BOSWELIA EXTRACT This extract may prevent tumor growth by blocking receptors for androgen, the male hormone.
4. FLAXSEED Scientists showed that it lowers
PSA levles and cancerous prostate cells.
5. BORON Men with the highest dietary boron intakes had a 54% lower risk of prostate cancer, compared to to those with a lower intake.

by Dr. Earl Mindell