The most important thing is to ask your physician if you really need an antibiotic. You see antibiotics treat bacterial infections, such a strept throat and sinusitis. They do nothing for viruses, which are the causes of colds and flus.
If you are prescribed an antibiotic here are some hints to support your body while taking them:
1. Make sure you take the complete prescription. A lot of people take a few days of the drug, feel better, then stop.
They think they can use the remaining capsules or tablets for the “Next Time”. This is a major mistake. The infection will come back in a short period of time and the bacteria can mutate so that it becomes resistant to the original antibiotic.
2. Ask the pharmacist if you should take the antibiotic with or on an empty stomach. Also is alcohol a problem when taking this antibiotic.
3. Reintroduce the good bacteria, called probiotics into your body, when taking an antibiotic regimen. Acidophilus and bifidus are examples of the friendly bacteria, that should be replaced when taking antibiotics. Otherwise digestive problems, such as gas, diarrhea, bloating and constipation can occur. Avoid starchy and sugary foods while on antibiotics, because they are harder to digest. If you are nauseated try ginger tea made from fresh ginger root.
Supplement such as Vitamins A and C and fish oil seem to increase the resistance of mucus membranes to bacterial infection.
4. Be careful of yeast overgrowth, which can cause vaginal yeast infections and stomach upset.Eating garlic, onions as well as drinking green-tea will keep the yeast in check.
(A breath freshener would be a good idea as well)
5. To prevent the problem of colds and flus in the first place, eat a balanced diet, rich in fresh fruits and vegetables and good sources of protein, such as chicken,beans,soy, wild salmon, halibut and nuts. Mushrooms such as shitake and maitake are powerful immune boosters. Taking extra Vitamin C and zinc in a lozenge or nasal spray also strengthens your immune system.
6. After using up all the antibiotics, to support your liver, take a milk thistle supplement (70% Silymarin) 140 mg, up to 3 times daily, as a liver cleanser.
See my books “New Vitamin Bible” and “New Herb Bible” for more information.
PS Check the humidity in your home, especially if you turn on the heat, which dries out the air. Believe it or not, cold weather has nothing to do with “Catching a cold”. In fact the common cold was unknown among the Eskimos, until the white man entered their world.

by Earl Mindell